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Utica to Syracuse: How to Get From the Train Station to the Airport


From airport shuttles to taxis, getting from Utica to Syracuse is easy. Click to learn how you can get from the Utica train station to the Syracuse airport.

The Greater Utica-Rome area of Central New York has a population of just under 300,000. Yet the region is a destination for people traveling to the Adirondacks and is home to several colleges and universities. Utica has no functional airport, though.

Nor does its neighboring city, Rome. The only city in Central New York with a major airport is Syracuse. Since Syracuse Airport is about 50 miles west of the Utica train station, going there is the best option for those in Utica needing air travel.

It isn't hard to get from Utica to Syracuse's Hancock International Airport, though. In the following paragraphs, we'll give you several ways to do it.

Why Go From Utica to Syracuse Airport Specifically?

Syracuse is the closest major airport to Greater Utica, although Albany Airport isn't much farther (about 90 miles) in the opposite direction. Other large airports in Upstate New York are Rochester and Buffalo—both farther west than Syracuse.

Albany Airport is an excellent alternative to Syracuse if you can't find the flight you need at the time you want. Getting there does take a little longer, though.

From the Utica Train Station to Syracuse Airport

The Boehlert Transportation Center at Union Station, located in downtown Utica at seven 1st Street, serves Amtrak trains and the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. Utica's Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways bus stations are in the same facility.

So, if you need to get to Syracuse's Hancock International Airport from Utica, the beautiful Boehlert Center is a good starting point—whether you're traveling by personal vehicle, rental car, taxi, bus, or train.

Car Rental or Personal Vehicle

Driving a car is the most convenient way to travel from the Utica train station (or Utica generally) to Syracuse Airport if you have a lot of luggage—as would be the case for a vacationing family or a student going home from college.

If you don't have access to a personal vehicle, though, or don't wish to leave it at the airport, there is an Enterprise car rental facility less than a mile away from the Boehlert Center at 527 Oriskany Street.

How to Get From Utica to Syracuse by Car

Driving from Utica to Syracuse couldn't be easier, and the trip takes just under an hour. From downtown Utica, get on I-90 W (NYS Thruway) from N Genesee St. In 0.7 mi, use the right lane to take the ramp onto I-90 W toward Syracuse.

After reaching the Syracuse Metro area, take exit 36 to merge onto I-81 N, toward Watertown. In 2.2 mi, take exit 27 toward Syracuse Airport. Continue to Col. Eileen Collins Blvd.

Road signs will direct you to the Syracuse Airport. Once there, either go to long-term parking or the car rental return, depending on your needs. Since Syracuse Airport is a smaller facility, you should find it reasonably easy to navigate.

Utica to Syracuse Taxi and Shared Ride Services

Hiring a taxi in Utica can be a bit tricky. While it usually isn't hard to find one outside the Boehlert Center, before you get in, make sure they're licensed and will take you all the way to Syracuse (some might make local trips only).

If you need a ride from Utica. We, Absolute Taxi of Oneonta, NY, can also pick you up.

Shared rides provide a good alternative for a Utica to Syracuse airport taxi. Uber and Lyft have drivers in Utica who will pick you up wherever you are in the city, and most will drive you to the Syracuse Airport. If you're coming from the airport, you can book your shared ride from there.


Greyhound provides bus transportation between Utica and Syracuse's Walsh Regional Transportation Center, located only a few miles from the airport.

Currently, buses run on Saturdays, Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays—though this might change in the future. The ride takes an hour, and an economy ticket is $28. There are no city buses to the airport, but you can take a taxi for a quick ride for $20.

Trailways offers service directly to and from the airport. For information on service and schedules, visit their website. The Trailways bus stop is located outside of Terminal A.


Amtrak's Empire and Lake Short Limited trains both go from Utica to Syracuse's Walsh Transportation Center. Coach tickets start at $17-21. Utica to Syracuse service is in the latter part of the day; Syracuse to Utica is in the earlier part.

Amtrak sometimes operates train service directly to Syracuse Airport, so be sure to check the Amtrak website for schedule updates. As mentioned above, though, a quick taxi ride from the station costs around $20.

As with the buses, train trips between the two cities take approximately one hour.

Whichever way you find transportation from Utica to Syracuse, if you take our recommendations, you're sure to make the trip successfully. We recommend our taxi and transportation above all others in Central New York, though.

About Absolute Taxi

Absolute Taxi is a taxi and airport transportation business headquartered in Oneonta, NY (Otsego County). We help local (Oneonta and Cooperstown), county, and regional customers with their transit needs.

Oneonta is a small city about 60 miles south of Utica. It has two colleges, and Otsego County boasts several tourist destinations. Since Otsego County residents often need airport transportation, we happily provide that to area airports.

Realizing that other parts of Central New York face similar challenges getting to and from the various airports, we began serving nearby counties as well—including Oneida County, where Utica is located.

If you're frustrated by other transportation modes, consider us for your transportation from Utica to Syracuse!

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