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5 Reasons to Use Taxis When Traveling Around Oneonta, NY


5 Reasons to Use Taxis When Traveling Around Oneonta, NY

If you're spending a day in Oneonta, NY, taxis are your best option for convenient transportation. Learn about the reasons to use taxis on our site.

You have to be from the Central New York city of Oneonta, NY to understand why taxis are an important mode of transportation to use there. There is a lot that goes on in Oneonta and the surrounding area--with two colleges, museums, a great arts scene, its natural beauty, and much more.

Yet, for a city, Oneonta has a relatively small population (14,057 as of 2017), is surrounded by mountains, and is a fair distance from other cities. It is, however, large enough to have transportation needs for those without cars.

This explains why local taxi service is very important to Oneonta. Keep reading to find out more.


Oneonta's population varies throughout the year since it is home to both the State University of New York College at Oneonta and Hartwick College. Students--many without cars--frequently travel to and from Oneonta.

And, even though Oneonta is served by Interstate 88 and several state and county roads, it is still pretty isolated from larger urban areas:

  • 57 miles to Binghamton via I-88 (the closest and easiest larger city to get to)
  • 60-64 miles to Utica via state and county roads
  • 81 miles to Albany via I-88 and 90.

As for major metropolitan areas, getting from Oneonta to Boston (about 250 miles) is a pretty straight shot via I-88 and 90 by way of Albany; however, getting from Oneonta to New York City (about 175 miles) is a different matter.

New York Transportation

New York City and the surrounding area are home to many of Oneonta's college students. They often travel home by bus, and there is regular service from both Trailways and Greyhound.

Still, anyone carrying a lot of luggage — as would be the case for students — would need more capacious transportation. Taking a taxi from Oneonta is ideal if a student lacks access to a car.

The big city is also a common destination for Oneonta's permanent residents. Some go there to major international airports, while others go for the theater, museums, and other cultural attractions.

Anyone who has been to New York City knows how difficult it is to drive there, much less find a convenient parking place without emptying a bank account.

Finally, while there are many ways to drive between Oneonta and New York City, it takes a driver who knows the best route.

Locals are used to this drive, including selecting the right route for the season, since driving through the Catskill Mountains in winter can be challenging. Anyone unfamiliar with the area probably would appreciate a taxi ride.

Taxis and Local Oneonta Transportation

Oneonta has almost always had some sort of taxi service, even though local bus service is available. Oneonta's buses are known for transporting college students patronizing the city's downtown bars back to campus at night.

Bus rides are a popular option since both colleges sit atop steep hills. However, the buses only run during the late-night and early morning hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Many college students enjoy the bar scene on other weeknights as well, though. The need for taxi service arises frequently.

While Uber service is now available in Oneonta, when thinking about taxi vs uber, it is worth considering the benefits of a reliable taxi service, especially in a smaller city. How different could the rates be, given the short distances?

Visiting Oneonta

Oneonta is a favorite get-away for downstaters and other non-locals. They appreciate natural beauty, quiet streets, and eclectic local businesses. Many come for the weekends, while others come to do business in the area.

Lots of people in New York City don't own cars, but why should they pay a New York taxi for the ride to Oneonta when a local Oneonta taxi can pick them up at the downtown bus terminal and take them wherever they want to go?

And there is quite a bit to see and do in and around Oneonta. Here are five of them:

  • The Village of Cooperstown — with many attractions, including the National Baseball Hall of Fame
  • The National Soccer Hall of Fame — located in Oneonta itself
  • Oneonta's two colleges and the various events they offer
  • Oneonta's world-famous Brooks' House of BBQ
  • And so much more!

Are You Convinced?

If you're a local Oneonta resident needing a ride to a car dealer across town or a ride to the Albany Airport, you probably know why taxi service is so important to the community.

If you're a visitor — whether a college student or someone traveling in for a visit or a day's business — you quickly realize that the city is only walkable on the campuses, within the downtown area, or as an intentional workout.

So, if you're without a car in Oneonta for any reason, when considering your transportation options it's nice to know taxis are available 24/7. Go ahead and get in contact with them!

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