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6 Tips To Prepare for Your Early Morning Flight


6 Tips To Prepare for Your Early Morning Flight

Did you just book an early AM flight for your next trip? Check out these top tips for preparing for an early morning flight.

It doesn't matter whether you're a night owl or someone who's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before the sun rises, morning flights can be stressful. 

Morning flights are also cheaper, faster, and less likely to be delayed so they are often your best choice but that doesn't make them any easier to handle when you haven't had your morning cup of coffee.

Check out these tips to help you prepare for your early morning flight and make your journey a breeze.


Check-in Online

You can avoid standing in the middle of the airport trying to figure out those self serve kiosks by checking in online. Most airlines allow you to print your boarding pass or carry an electronic copy of it on your cellphone. 

You can make your baggage and seat check-in much easier in the morning if you take care of most of the details the night before. That way you don't have to worry about seat selection and other annoying details in the morning when you're not awake and just want to get into your seat and on your way.

If you are going for a short trip, you may want to consider just taking a carry-on bag so that you can avoid the hassle and fee of checked luggage. It will also save you time when you get to your destination because you don't have to wait with everyone else to get their bag, you can just disembark and go.

Pack Smart

Have everything packed and ready to go but make sure you have access to the things you'll need in the morning before you get on the plane. A travel checklist can help you ensure you don't forget anything you may need.

You don't want to miss your flight because you left your passport sitting on the kitchen counter at home. Or to check your bag and then realize you don't have your medication to get you through the day. 

Pack everything you don't need in the morning and have it by the door ready to go in the car. Once you're ready to leave, you can pack the last few essentials such as your hairbrush or medication you needed access to.

Have any documentation you may need before your flight where you can easily get to it. You don't want to have to dig through bags or empty your carry-on to find something security or ticket agents need to see in order for you to board the flight.

Give Yourself Extra Time

It's human nature that everyone is going to arrive at the last possible moment, especially for a morning flight. It's a good idea to give yourself some extra time and get there early. You can beat the lines and grab a coffee once you get through security.

You won't be able to take one through security to if you stop to get something to eat or drink on the way to the airport make sure you have enough time to have it before you have to go through.

You'll also want to factor in morning traffic. Depending on where the airport in and what city you're flying out of you could face rush hour traffic while trying to get there for your early morning flight. Check online to see what local traffic expectations are and the best routes to take to the airport to avoid construction and congestion from the morning commute.

Set Lots of Alarms and Arrange Transportation

It's often hard to fall asleep the night before a big flight for fear of sleeping in. Make sure that doesn't happen by setting multiple alarms and heading to bed early. You may want to start adjusting your sleep schedule a few days or even a week before you travel so that it's not so difficult to sleep on the night before your flight.

It's a good idea to stay away from technology for about an hour before you plan to sleep so you can sleep better. Cellphones, laptops, and other gadgets can keep you awake and disrupt your sleep patterns.

If you are taking transportation to the airport such as taxi services then it's smart to arrange for the ride ahead of time. 

Consider a Hotel Near the Airport

Why not start your vacation a day early and a lot less stressed out? Get a hotel room near the airport for the night before your flight. This will resolve any worry about traffic and you may even be able to get free parking at the hotel while out of town rather than paying for airport parking.

This also saves you having to rush so much and leave so early when you have an early morning flight. Pack everything you'll need for that night in your carry-on or a small bag you can leave in the car so that you don't have to dig into your luggage before the flight.

This could also be a good way to get coffee and a continental breakfast into you without the hassle of having to make one or pay airport prices because you're in a rush and it's convenient.

Catch Some Zzz's on Your Morning Flight

If you plan it right, give yourself lots of time, and reduce your morning stress you can sit back and relax on your morning flight. Once you get settled you can catch up on some sleep or plan your agenda when you reach your destination.

Bring a pillow, an eye mask, and some earplugs so you can really block out the world and get a good nap on the flight. You may want to download some meditation or relaxation mp3s onto your phone so you can listen through headphones and drown out the surrounding sound while destressing.

Be Prepared

You can make your flight and your life easier by taking the time to be prepared. Make a list and check it twice. If you don't want to write one out, you can always put one on your phone so you can check it before walking out the door. Grab a few things to entertain you and your family in case there are delays.

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