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Business Travel to Oneonta and Cooperstown


Many people are required to travel as part of their career. While traveling can be rewarding, it can also be ocaissionaly stressful. Business travel often takes professionals to large cities, but the destination can also be a smaller town, such as Oneonta or Cooperstown, New York. Both of these cities are a delight to visit, but navigating them is a little different than navigate cities such as NYC. However, these towns have a lot to offer, and can be quite enjoyable places to visit for work or for pleasure

Getting Around

Neither Oneonta nor Cooperstown have commercial airports, but that doesn’t mean getting there needs to be hassel. Travelers can fly in to Albany or Syracuse airports, then they can drive over to Oneonta or Cooperstown either by renting a car or taking a taxi. Hiring a taxi, such as Absolute Taxi, might be a less stressful option for businessmen and women who have other things on their minds, such as meetings and presentations. Absolute Taxi has the transportation needs of these individuals covered. They transport people from Albany and Syracuse airports to Oneonta and Cooperstown on a regular basis. They offer service 24 hours a day, so even business people who have flights that get in very late at night or early in the morning don’t have to stress about finding a ride.

Oneonta and Cooperstown are both lovely places. However, since they are small towns, they do not provide the same luxury of public transportation that big cities do. Once in town, Absolute Taxi is the perfect option for getting to and from the hotel, conference center, or wherever else you may need to go. This family-owned taxi service is safe and reliable. They run background checks on their licensed drivers, and their vans are smoke-free and clean. Hiring a taxi service may be the most pain-free option for a businessperson who has things to think about other than finding a place to park.

Finding a Place to Stay

Both Oneonta and Cooperstown offer a variety of comfortable places to stay. After all, it is important to get plenty of rest while traveling for business. A study, headed by Mark Rosekind, PhD, found that business travelers do not sleep as much as they ought to. The participants of this study went on trips lasting two to four days. On average, they had lost a total of almost eight hours of needed sleep by the time their trip was over. Sleep loss can lead to mood alterations, decreased performance, and attention deficits; none of which you want to experience during a business trip. Therefore, finding a comfortable and restful place to spend the night is crucial for any professional to get the most out of his or her business trip.

There are a wide variety of hotels and B&Bs in Coopersville. Some well liked places to spend the night include: Landmark Inn, Lake ‘N Pines Motel, The Inn At Cooperstown, The Cooper Inn, and Otesaga Resort Hotel, all of which possess their own unique charm. While there are a number of chain hotels in Oneonta, guests who want an experience that is a bit more unique might enjoy staying at Flying Changes Bed and Breakfast, Kountry Living Bed & Breakfast, or Emmons Rainbow Inn.

Relax a Little

While you might be traveling for work, it is still important to take some time to recharge. You certainly don’t want to be worn out only halfway through your trip. For example, conferences can be tiresome.Especially for introverts, simply talking to a vast number of people can be wearisome. Even on a business trip, try to take time for yourself to do something fun or relaxing.

Oneonta has many beautiful, peaceful parks, perfect for taking a walk or simply enjoying the outdoors. Susquehanna River Park Trail has a two-mile loop following the riverside. Fortin Park is the largest park in the town and is another lovely place to spend time. Perhaps you would rather spend a relaxing evening with a nice meal and a drink before heading to bed. Cooperstown Back Alley Grille offers local brewery options. In Oneonta, The Red Caboose Restaurant & Bar features a variety of different hand crafted cocktails throughout the year. Maybe you are more of a coffee shop person. Stagecoach Coffee in Cooperstown is located in a building built in 1791, making it an historical attraction as well as a nice place to get your caffeine fix.

However you choose to relax, it is important to make time for yourself. You will perform better during your business trip if you have time to rest and recharge than if you just go and go without a break. You can easily get where you want to go by using a taxi service such as Absolute Taxi. Business trips are about business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them too!

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