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Homerun! the Top 9 Things to Do in Cooperstown NY

From Fenimore Art Museum to the Baseball Hall of Fame, there are plenty of things to do in Cooperstown NY. Check out this guide today!

You know a town's worthwhile when its population of 1,738 people reaches 300,000 during peak tourist season. Tourist towns are made for people, so you can expect to find a reason behind a city's attractions.

Cooperstown NY houses historical emblems. Among its natural beauty, art, baseball hall of fame, museums, and niche feel, there's no shortage of things to do in Cooperstown NY.

Consider Cooperstown to be its own unique scavenger hunt. Follow this list to make sure you see everything Cooperstown has to offer.


Get to Know Cooperstown

Most people plan activities before they travel. When it comes to what to do in Cooperstown NY, here's how to have an even better experience.

Putting pieces together while you're in a tourist town can feel disjointed. Learning about Cooperstown beforehand can help you prep your activities in the perfect order!

Having context for your trip can spark light bulb moments, where you'll say, Hey, I read about this! So that's what that's about! 

Having a framework for Cooperstown attractions does two things: 

  • It makes seeing them in person more special
  • It brings you into the town's story

As a result, it makes you a part of history!

There are tourist towns and then there's Cooperstown. Beyond just visiting to do things, get acquainted with why you want to!

Cooperstown History

Tourist towns like Cooperstown have two components: the first is its activities and the second is its feel. One is only so fun without the other. 

Cooperstown magic comes from its roots. It's hard to visit without wondering what makes Cooperstown what it is. Here's what to know:

  • Cooperstown was founded in 1786 by William Cooper, the father of James Fenimore Cooper
  • Born in 1789, James Fenimore Cooper is a historical staple to Cooperstown, known for his novels and unique character
  • He became a Merchant Marine and earned a commission in the US Navy 
  • James Fenimore Cooper wrote fiction as well as the first history of the Navy
  • His two kids lived in the farmhouse next to the lake by the Fenimore Art Museum

Having context for your trip with these historical facts makes a meaningful experience. There's a difference between visiting the Fenimore Art Museum to see art and visiting it in relation to James Fenimore Cooper.

Now you can visit Cooperstown with a quest beyond just doing things. Now you can feel its history and discover what indeed, makes it Cooper's Town.

Things to Do in Cooperstown NY

Budget your time! Mapping out your days and nights can help you conquer Cooperstown in the following ways.

1. Otesaga Resort Hotel

First things first. Where you stay sets the tone for your historical experience. Staying at the Otesaga Resort Hotel can take you back to 1909 in an instant.

It's true what they say: location, location, location! Having a historic holding ground amplifies everything. This historic hotel has its own tale of Cooperstown, too, making it its own attraction.

2. The Farmers' Museum

Laced with history, The Farmers' Museum opened in 1944. With over 23,000 artifacts, this is the place to learn about farming culture and see where Cooper's kids grew up!

3. Fenimore Art Museum

Once you see The Farmer's Museum, you'll learn it's a sister organization to the Fenimore! Knowing Cooper's backstory puts these pieces together. Explore its exhibits while tuning into Cooperstown's predominant non-profits!

4. Cooperstown NY Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball fan or not, learning about America's favorite pastime is a must. Opened in 1939, the Cooperstown baseball museum showcases artifacts to 3,000 visitors a day.

With five localized buildings, this attraction will show you exactly where to go next—like Doubleday Field! The baseball hall of fame hours vary, so be sure to plan accordingly!

5. Doubleday Field

Known for its annual Hall of Fame games, Doubleday Field is an icon to the best Major League and international baseball teams in history. 

Today, the field is still used for 350 baseball games yearly for baseballers young and old.

6. Otsego County Beaches

While Cooperstown museums are important, a balanced trip means equal time inside and outside. It's easy to think tourist towns are known for their indoor attractions, but Cooperstown is home to beautiful waterfronts, too.

Finding local lakes and beaches can complement your indoor tours with scenic lunchbreaks or dinner on the water.

7. Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard

The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard is the place for food and tour fusion! Find vintage tractors, mill and beverage tours, a gift shop, and sweet treats to cover all your bases.

8. Glimmerglass Theater

To spruce up your nightlife, check out the Glimmerglass festival for opera and musical theater performances. It is New York, after all, and shows are a necessity everywhere you go!

9. Transportation

When it comes to traveling, transportation is an integral part of your trip experience. Cue the taxis and trains.

Whether it's to Cooperstown or NYC, taxi drivers know tourism. On your way to Cooperstown, pick your taxi driver's brain. They can help you hash out your to-do list. 

Who knows better than the drivers who get testimonials from passengers all day long?

Once you're in Cooperstown, the Cooperstown train is a perfect way to experience the Susquehanna River Valley. If you need a break from cramming Cooperstown knowledge, this railroad's the way to go.

Cooperstown's the Coolest Town

Come back a second, third, and fifteenth time! Cooperstown's history brings people together; young, old, single, coupled, athletes, friends, and family abound.

When people think of summer, they think of Cooperstown. There's a reason it's deemed America's Most Perfect Villageand your sleuthing will show you why.

When it comes to things to do in Cooperstown NY, it's not about finding things, but making time to do them all! 

Luckily, folks there share the same mission—to help you have the best time. Contact us to get there today!

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