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How to Organize a Group Trip Without Feeling Like You Are Herding Cats


How to Organize a Group Trip Without Feeling Like You Are Herding Cats

Organizing a big group trip is exciting, but it can also be frustrating. Click here to learn how to organize a group trip the right way.

Planning a group trip is exciting when you brainstorm destination ideas, who’s going, and the itinerary.  

But now you’ve pulled the short straw so you must sort out every little detail to keep everyone happy. 

Where do you start?! 

Don’t fret, here is how to plan a group trip that everyone will love.

1. Have a Leader (or Two)

Don’t carry all the weight on your shoulders.  In a perfect world, the entire vacation group would collaborate but it’s best to appoint one or two people to organize. 

You can even delegate different people to cover various aspects of the vacation.  For example, one person for accommodation and another for researching things to do.  

Doing this will streamline the work so the planning gets done but make sure you discuss and agree on the final chances as a group.  

2. Decide On a Budget

Before you Google “how to plan a trip with friends”, agree on a budget.  This is one of the trickiest aspects of organizing as people have different ideas about how much money they’re willing to spend.

Consider having a shared pot of money if you’re staying in accommodation where you can buy your own food and drinks.  It will be easier than constantly working out how to split bills as you travel.  

3. Book Flights First 

When you travel with a group, it’s wise to book as soon as possible.  The price of transport can spike drastically and if you book too close to the trip date, there may not be enough room for a big group.  

Find any group rate deals you can take advantage of when booking transport. This is also the time to figure out how to get from the airport to your accommodation, and how you’ll be getting around.

Is it worth renting a vehicle?  If so, consider booking early as minivans and larger automobiles get sold out quickly.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Split Up and Stay Democratic

Not everyone wants to do the same activities, but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a group trip planner.  

Everyone will have different lists of must-see things and an idea of what to do.  If this is the case, split up according to everyone’s wants.  One group may want to go museum-hopping while others may want to relax at the beach.  

Or, if your group wants to stay together, be democratic.  Let everyone choose one must-see item or activity and let the majority say which one you will do.       

5. Consider Various Types of Accommodation

Deciding where you will stay has a massive influence on your trip. Normally, when you go on a vacation, you end up staying at a hotel.  

But when there’s a group, it may be more cost-effective to stay in an apartment or house.  Doing this lets you cook group meals and hang out without having to squeeze into a small hotel room.    

6. Head to a Resort

If renting a house isn’t on the table, have your next adventure at a resort.  Resorts cater to everyone’s needs whether it’s winding down at the spa, golf course, or trying windsurfing for the first time.

Resorts also make mealtime easy as they offer large dining rooms and tables big enough for the entire group.    

7. Try Walking, Cycling or Bus Tours

Walking or cycling tours are a great way to stay active while sight-seeing. Or choose a bus tour if people want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  

It’s important to consider the needs of people attending so, for example, if your group is older they may want an activity with less physical exertion.

Be sure to book in advance if you have many people and see if you’re viable for a group discount.

8. Plan for Downtime

Heading to a new city or country is always exciting but realistically, you can’t cram hundreds of activities into 24-hours.

Most people in the group will appreciate having time to themselves when they can lounge in bed, read by the pool, or catch a few z’s.  Instead, plan group breakfasts and dinners, activity in the morning, and take the afternoon off.

9. Don't Be Overly Ambitious

Trying to get a large group of people out of their room, to the destination, and back home again is tricky. 

Managing an itinerary for a large group is a challenge and the last thing you want is to be stressed on your vacation!  Instead, limit big outings to one activity per day, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

10. Consider Off-Season Locations

If your group is desperate to escape the cold, choose a beach destination during the off-season so you can top up your tan and keep your wallet happy at the same time.

There are many on and off-season deals online so you can decide which one appeals to the group most. 

11. Have One Place to Deal with Payments and Plans

Having a single stream of communication and a place to take payments will make your life easier and ensures everyone is updated.  Encourage the group to be on board with the itinerary and planning so you can make amendments as a team if necessary.

...And That's How You Plan a Killer Group Trip!

Organizing a group trip can be stressful so it’s important to streamline the process as much as possible.  For example, let everyone have a vote on their favorite activities or split up. 

Also, have a single place where you can share ideas and payment so everyone knows what’s going on. But most of all, have fun and enjoy the process as it’s your vacation too.  Good luck!

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