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The Bus is Leaving: Everything You Need to Know About Albany's Bus Station


Everything You Need to Know About Albany's Bus Station

The Albany bus station is a transportation hub located in downtown Albany. Learn more about the bus station and your transportation options here.

Across the vast Albany area and Cooperstown region of the upstate New York, billions of dollars a year are spent on tourism. One of the major factors in this is the spending on transportation, much of it on the ground. If you're looking to get from Albany to Cooperstown and back, the best way is from the Albany bus station.

Here are five of the best things about this bus station and its role as a hub for the whole state.

1. It's Right by the Highway

One of the best things about the Albany Greyhound terminal in Albany, NY is that it's so centrally located. You can see it from the highway as you drive into Albany. If you've got business downtown in one of the state or federal buildings, you can get on and off the bus easily.

It's used all day every day by people from around the region to get to work and back. Since it's just a stone's throw from the capital, many people opt to take the bus here and then walk, take the CDTA, or grab a cab to work. Most of the downtown Albany gets quiet after 5 PM because most of the work is related to government and finance.

However, if you're visiting Albany for the weekend or just passing through, you won't get lost trying to get to the bus station. Everyone knows where it is, located at the hub between I-90 and I-87. If you're taking a trip across the state of New York, whatever highway you choose is going to put you within spitting distance of this transportation hub.

2. It's 24 Hours

Albany might be quiet downtown after 5 PM on weekdays and during the weekend, but it's also got one of the best event stadiums in the northeast. The Times Union arena is close by the bus station meaning that teenagers coming into town to see their favorite performers can find their way around. Even adults coming to see their favorite band from college won't find it challenging to make a few turns to get to the stadium.

Ask a cab parked outside, and they'll be willing to swing by just a few blocks away for less than the price of a bag of nachos at the stadium.

There are events all weekend in the capital region. If you've been out to see the horses in Saratoga, to hike in the Hudson Valley, or just to see hockey at RPI, then you've got a transportation hub that's always open. Getting to the Albany bus terminal is easy, and once you're there, you can get anywhere you want to go.

3. Pick-Up and Drop-Off Is Simple

If you're there to get picked up or there to drop someone off, there's a massive parking lot that costs next to nothing for s spot. If you're just going to be sitting in the car waiting, then you won't have to pay anything to wait for your loved one.

For anyone being picked up by family, it's so close to the highway that there's no need to pull out the GPS.

Even better, there are so many other transit options and constant taxis around that you don't have to worry about finding a ride to your next location.

This bus station, which has been around since the mid-1960s, has been a hub for thousands of people traveling every day for years. Lots of people drop their college students off to head to other parts of the world. Many generations have come to the station just to visit one of the amazing nearby colleges and universities.

4. Connect to the World from Albany?

Albany might not be the first place you think of when you're thinking of connecting to the rest of the world, but the Albany bus station is ideally located.

If you're looking to get to Montreal, Atlanta, or the Albany airport, you can get there. If you're using Albany as a hub to somewhere else, you'll be able to visit many of the small towns and cities in upstate New York from this station. You can get to Vermont, Boston, or even the tip of Maine from this station.

Bring your passport if you're traveling to Canada so that you can see the world from our northern neighbors' point of view.

You can connect to the whole world from the Albany bus station. With the help of the taxis parked outside, you can even get to all of those off-the-beaten-path locations in the region.

5. Constant Taxi Traffic

As we've mentioned throughout this article, there's continuous taxi traffic outside the Albany bus terminal. These taxis can take you off the buses and to anywhere in the northeast. If you decide to skip out on a bus, you could take one of these cabs all the way to New York City for less than you might think.

Rather than trying to hail a cab in downtown Albany, head to the bus terminal to get a ride. You'll find drivers ready to take you anywhere you need to go. They'll be professional, wheelchair accessible, and more affordable than many other options you'll find in the city.

The Albany Bus Station Is at the Heart of the Region

If you're in the Cooperstown or Oneonta region, you need a central hub to get from one place to the other. The Albany bus station is going to be the place to go if you want to get around.

To get you there and back, make sure you call a cab company that you can rely on to be on time and professional.

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