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Tipping Shuttle Drivers and More: 9 Travel Tipping Tips

When you're travelling it's hard to know how much you should be tipping shuttle drivers and others. We help you figure it all out with these handy tips.

To tip or not to tip? How much to tip? When to tip? Knowing how and when to tip when you travel is a common problem for explorers far and wide. 

Whether you're taking a taxi to your hotel or you're riding the airport shuttle, you need to know how much tip for these services. Depending on where you are when you travel, tipping etiquette can change—but some general rules apply to many tip-worthy situations. 

Don't let tipping give you any stress on your vacation. Here are nine tips to keep in mind when tipping shuttle drivers and other service providers when you embark on a new journey. 

1. Your Airport Shuttle Driver

It's a free ride! Plus, you probably chose a lot away from the terminal to save money on parking. Should you tip the airport shuttle driver that takes you from your car to the airport terminal? 

There's no standard for tipping your airport parking shuttle driver. However, it's always kind to offer something to shuttle drivers. They work long hours driving frustrated travelers back and forth from parking to terminals. Rain or shine, heat or cold, they help people get where they need to be. 

An acceptable tipping standard for these drivers is one dollar per bag. If you have a lot of luggage, consider one dollar per person in your traveling party. 

2. Your Hotel Shuttle Driver

Many hotels offer a free shuttle service to bring guests to the hotel from the airport. Taking a ride on this shuttle means you opted for the free shuttle instead of a taxi or an Uber, so do you need to tip? 

Even though it's a "courtesy" shuttle, "courtesy" can go both ways. But, how do you know much to tip the hotel shuttle driver? Offer your driver one or two dollars per bag or person. 

3. Your Hotel Porter

Did the hotel provide a porter to help get your luggage to your room? Don't forget to tip! 

Porters work for tips. They lug heavy bags around all day, plus deliver them to your room in excellent condition and with a smile. Give them one or two dollars per bag, or more if your bags are exceptionally heavy. 

4. Your Tour Guide

You're already paying for the services of your tour guide. Maybe you booked a tour through a company that provides an all-inclusive experience: travel, tour guide, entry, and meals. 

Even though you're paying for the experience, it's also customary to provide a tip for tour guides at the end of the tour. 

  • For a multi-day tour, consider one dollar per day per person.
  • If your driver doubles as your tour guide for the day, a tip of one dollar per person is acceptable.
  • If you have a separate driver and tour guide over a multi-day traveling tour, $5-$10 to each person works well.

Keep in mind, you don't need to tip guides at free exhibits or national parks. 

5. Your Hotel Concierge

Don't be afraid to use the local expertise of your hotel's concierge. Their job is to help you experience as much as you can while you stay in the hotel. 

Use your concierge for dinner recommendations and reservations, to find theater tickets, and to help arrange transportation and local tours. The concierge knows the area and can match activities or dining to your preferences.

When you consult your concierge, be sure you leave them five to ten dollars, depending on how they helped you. 

6. Your Doorman

A doorman gets the door for you as you enter or exit the hotel. They'll also help you flag down a cab or give you directions if you're walking to dinner or shopping. While waiting for a taxi, a helpful doorman will stand with you and hold an umbrella over you if it's raining. 

For hailing a cab, give your doorman a few dollars. If they also keep you company with an umbrella to keep you dry, offer a five-dollar tip. 

7. Your Taxi Driver

When taking a taxi to and from your hotel or around the city, be sure you tip your driver. Taxi drivers work hard to earn tips. They choose the fastest routes and try to make your experience in their cab enjoyable. 

When you arrive safely and promptly at your destination, include a 15-20% tip for your driver in addition to the total fare. If you thoroughly enjoyed your time with your cab driver, feel free to offer more!

8. The Hotel Maid

Tipping the housekeeping staff is a common question among travelers. You're already paying for the room. Do you need to tip the housekeeping staff on top of the price of the room? 

It's typical to tip a dollar a day up to ten dollars per day at the end of your stay. If you left the Do Not Disturb notice on your door and your room wasn't cleaned that day, there's no need to tip for a day that housekeeping didn't clean. 

9. The Bars and Restaurants

Ask your concierge about local tipping customs. If wait staff or bar servers work for tips, be sure you tip between 15-20% of your total bill. 

Are you only having drinks at the bar? Leave 10-15% of the tab as your tip. 

Be Generous When Tipping Shuttle Drivers and Other Travel Help!

Be sure to budget for tips when you travel! When it doubt, leave a tip. Tipping shuttle drivers and other people who help you along the way is always better than withholding a deserved (or expected) tip. 

When you need a ride in the Oneonta/Cooperstown area to travel to or from NYC, contact us. We provide 24/7 ride services with screened and insured drivers! Our vehicles are smoke-free and clean to make sure you're comfortable during the drive. 

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